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Subject: Shocks!
From: "David E. Brown" <>
Date: Wed, 01 May 1996 20:21:14 -0400
Hello Everyone,

One thing after another:)

_15th_ it was tires- I decided on the Michelin MX4's in 165/70-13, 
the books says they will fit, we get to see on Friday. I'm calling 
the fellow tommorow to specify rain/non-rain version of this tire.  
Any ideas?  The "rain" version, as explained to me by the Tireman 
Man... is that they replaced some of the "black tar" with "silica" 
to give better traction. The tread pattern appears identical.
_16th_ it is shocks (front end)- is there no other option than 129$ 
apiece from either Winners Circle or VB?  I'm sure they are worth 
it, as I'm currently at 3-4 bounces per shock, but if anyone has 
them cheaper, please let me know.

Thanks Much,

Dave  --------->1500 Midget

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