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From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Thu, 2 May 96 09:20 PDT
Thank you, to those who offered suggestions of HELP.
Somehow it always feel better when I one shares a problem. How is it said, 
*A problem shared is a problem harved*, they are right on.
Well I have fixed my problem, I just posted too soon, it was the first item
on my list of things to try! I guess I did not believe it could be something
so simple, the temperature sender in the cylinder head was bad. I used the
original during the rebuild, after tightening the rivit holding the lug on.
How cheap can one get! I paid dearly for that, now I have to replace all
those original parts removed, for the second time.
Most problems I experiance are obscure, never quick cheap fixes. Oh well, I
can chalk one up on the quick fix list now.       
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