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Re: Tires for midget...Help- The Results

To: "U. Goettsch" <>
Subject: Re: Tires for midget...Help- The Results
From: "David E. Brown" <>
Date: Sat, 04 May 1996 06:12:56 -0400
Hi Ulix,
The tires are on, and seem to fit well, although I notice that there 
is more clearance on the left rear than the right rear between the 
tire and the squared off wheel well.  As the body appears straight, 
is it possible my axel is not located properly?  I'm going to have 
to get down and measure to make sure all is proper.  I had intended 
to do this anyway to see if my rear springs were up to spec. I 
haven't looked yet, but hopefully ride height info is in the 

For the record, Michelin Rainforce MX4 165/70-13's fit and (so far) 
make the car seem much more stable than it was previously.  If they 
turn out particularly good or bad, I'll let everyone know.

Thanks for all the assistance!

Dave (anxiously awaiting the uprated shocks from apple!)

77 Midget 1500

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