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Re: danger: philosophical redline

Subject: Re: danger: philosophical redline
From: Ernest Gilbert <>
Date: Sun, 05 May 1996 07:43:17 -0700 wrote:
> Jay :
> >There was once a guy who almost achieved the ideal.  The last thing he did
> >was install a meticulously calibrated speedometer.  Too bad it would
> >determine the car's momentum so precisely that according to Heisenberg it
> >could be anywhere in the universe.
> I could just see it now..."But officer If you knew I was at the 1100 block of
> main street you could not know how fast I was going!"  Mabe this only works
> for "Lords and high priestes ".
> And going a bit further, if the officer had a radar trap on two parallel 
streets, could he ever know you were on Main street.

Ernest (love that cat) Gilbert

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