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Re: Import Carlisle

Subject: Re: Import Carlisle
Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 09:10:57 -0400
Off to Carlisle on Friday. For those who want to participate, there will be a 
meeting of the MG Council (everyone invited) at 11:am Saturday to wrap up Indy 
loose ends. After the Meeting those on this list will meet under the grandstand 
about 12:30 at the New England MG T Register's table next to Brit Books.  
Barbara will be at the table during the council meeting so please introduce 

Carlisle has been great in past years for parts ,seeing odd cars for sale and 
best of all meeting new and old friends. It is not a car show. It is really 
quite large and well worth the effort. 

Expect cool weather and hot weather, sunny and rain. It never fails. British 
cars draw the rain from their birthplace. If we had a GOF in the Middle east, 
the Deserts would bloom!

See you in Carlisle

Mike Leckstein

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