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Re: sneaky, isn't she?

Subject: Re: sneaky, isn't she?
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 9 May 96 10:18:19 PDT
Someone using Will Zehring's account wrote:

> The redoubtable Denise writes:

Does that mean I can be doubted twice?

> > That reminds me of the pantyhose trick.  If your fan belt ever breaks out 
> > the middle of nowhere, you're set if you're wearing pantyhose.  Just tie 
> > leg of the pantyhose (after removing them) around the pulleys and cut off 
> > excess.  This will last long enough to get you to somewhere that has new 
> > belts.  
> Sneaky, isn't she?  This is just her ploy to get some of us to admit that we 
> wear such garments.  Well, I for one am not going to fall for it!
> anonymous
> p.s.  ignore that "from" address up there, this message was not sent by Will 
> Zehring

Joe Namath wore pantyhose to keep warm while playing football.  If hirsutism 
equals masculinity, then he's a truly manly man.  What does that make me...?

If you liked the pantyhose trick, here's another.  I learned this from an 
elderly gentleman who collected and restored Model T's.  It was at some 
generic car show where I made the mistake of asking him about his car and 
when he discovered that I was too polite to interrupt him, he didn't take 
another breath for hours.  But I learned a lot.  It turns out that Model T's
go through wheel bearings pretty fast and when one would go bad out in the 
middle of nowhere, the fix was to replace the bearing with a piece of pork 
rind (uncooked) with the skin out.  In case 'pork rind' is an American 
colloquialism, it means the skin of a pig with the fat on it.  I guess they 
carried it in the picnic basket.  I can imagine that pork rind would be a 
suitable emergency substitute for any bearing or bushing because it's 
resilient and self-lubricating and could be cut to fit.

So carry a slab of pork rind around in the trunk along with some of your 
wife's old pantyhose and you'll be ready for any emergency.  I'll carry 
pork rind in my car about the time that pigs can fly.  Splat!

Denise Thorpe

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