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Kingpins/Volt/amp/fuel/speedo gauges

Subject: Kingpins/Volt/amp/fuel/speedo gauges
From: "David E. Brown" <>
Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 11:24:58 -0400
Hello everyone, 
The shocks I recieved from Apple are awesome, but while in the front 
end discovered this large up and down play in the left lower 
trunnion area (kingpin?) and although the car is much more enjoyable 
around town, the shake on the freeway just doesn't cut it.

Anyway, on to the question at hand.  Is there anyway to check the 
operation of the alternator/suggested replacements?  While driving 
in the wet the other night, with wiper, heater, lights etc. on.  I 
noticed some dimming of the lights just as I was nearing home. (I 
made it!)  And of course, the battery was pretty flat the next 
morning.  Related to this, is there a decent volt, amp or both 
guages that can be mounted in the 1500 midget unobtrusively?  I 
would rather not just hang them off the bottom of the dash, 
especially as I would probably rack my knees on them sooner or 

Oh, and by the way the fuel gauge doesn't work... and the speedo 
seems way to high (or I'm really speeding :>)

All assistance, as usual, is greatly appreciated!


Dave  77 1500 Midget

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