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Re: Carlisle and MG's Online

Subject: Re: Carlisle and MG's Online
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 13 May 96 10:05:56 PDT
Dave Houser reported:

> Everyone in Attendance,
> Great meeting everyone and putting faces to names(the beards, that 
> is). Roger, you're doing a great job. Only 64 messages and many of us 
> were at the show. 
> It was a great weekend for me as it usually is. I found an AMCO early 
> console for my BGT Special. Don Hatch beat me to the first one( more 
> complete), but I'm happy. Couldn't find the early OD vacuum switch, 
> only the relays. Anyone out there have an extra?
> Hope everyone survived that freak storm that hit at 2:30. We were in 
> our vehicle leaving the lot when the wind hit and it was like watching 
> the Wizard of OZ as a couple of portable shelters were lifted over the 
> field. Hope the van outside the show didn't belong to anyone in the 
> group. It had a tree fall on it!!
> When we got home to Warwick, NY winds had struck at a reported 81 mph 
> and a tornado hit Goshen NY close by. My wife took the dogs and went 
> under the stairs, just in case. Scary, very scary.
> Well, until Indy or sooner,

But were there any 1100's at Carlisle?

Denise Thorpe

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