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If your interested

Subject: If your interested
From: Ted Weiler <>
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 08:04:49 -0700
No endorsement by me or the club intended.  I simply pass this on to those
who might like to participate.


Subj:   MG Car Club NorthWest Center
Date:   96-05-06 17:56:18 EDT

Mr. Ted Weiler 
MG Car Club NorthWest Center

Dear Mr. Weiler,

Our company, Multimedia Publications Ltd., an Irish based producer
of multimedia titles for the home PC market is presently involved
in producing an encyclopaedia of classic automobiles, to be sold in
Europe and the USA.  The encyclopaedia will be released on CD-ROM
for use with home personal computers and Philips CDi machines and
will combine written descriptions of cars with animation, pictures
and video.  It will feature over 100 manufacturers and 1000 models,
including all MGs since the 1929 M type Midget.

We are currently looking for photographs of all types of classic
cars for inclusion in our encyclopaedia and would like to hear
from any members of The MG Car Club NorthWest Center who would be
interested in having their cars featured.  Those who are interested
should send photographs of their cars along with such details as
year of make, etc. and stating whether they wish to be credited as
the car's owner, to the address below. We promise to promptly
reply to all those who contact us. I greatly appreciate any
help you can lend on this matter.

Tom Bergin

Multimedia Publishing Ltd.
P.O. Box 5123
Dublin 4.

Tel. 353 1 660 4158
Fax. 353 1 668 2221
     353 5 035 1217

 Edward B. (Ted) Weiler,
 Engineering Manager, Olympic Medical
 Director, Volunteers NorthWest
 Membership, MG Car Club NorthWest Centre

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