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Re: Geography other than Dixon

To: (Steve Foster),
Subject: Re: Geography other than Dixon
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 01:53:51 -0400
Steve, Its hard to characterize a whole people, but I will match my geography 
skills against anyone. (I do talk funny though) Without offending my British 
friends, I was amazed while working on the Circuit of Britain 1990 to discover 
the lack of understanding by the Brits of American geography or distances in 
miles and time zones. This was really upsetting when the manager of a hotel in 
Devon called me in New Jersey at 3am to go over some booking lists. He hadn't 
realized the time difference and after all it was 9am in Britain! 

We have been very active working with our British friends when they have come 
here.(MMM Raid,1991) They usually would like to see NY City and Niagara Falls 
one day and Grand Canyon the next. It is a shame that geography is so poorly 
taught, everyone should know some basics about every country , the distances 
climate of those areas, and what the people are like. There would be a lot less 
misunderstandings in the world if we knew each other better. MGs help bridge 
this gap in a small way as we meet and see others on a level much more personal 
then a simple tourist trip.

Mike Leckstein 

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