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Car For Sale

Subject: Car For Sale
From: Ted Weiler <>
Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 08:17:08 -0700
I am posting this for a non-e-mail club member.  Suggest phone contact with
her for further information or offers.  I had a long conversation with her
about this car.  She loves it dearly but must sell it.  You better be ready
to care for it properly if you want it.


For Sale:
1969 MGB GT, Buttercup Yellow.  180,000 miles; '78(?) engine with
approximately 100,000 miles.  Driven 24 years with total reliability.
Excellent mechanics and interior; some lower-panel rust. This little gem
will only go to an MG enthusiast.  $3,500.  Call Phyllis Sloan, (206) 747-2933.

 Edward B. (Ted) Weiler,
 Engineering Manager, Olympic Medical
 Director, Volunteers NorthWest
 Membership, MG Car Club NorthWest Centre

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