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Re: New (CA) gas & fuel leaks

Subject: Re: New (CA) gas & fuel leaks
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 24 May 96 16:23:18 PDT
Melissa asked:

> As many of you know, California has recently switched to the new =
> gasoline.  I think some of the other states have been using this new gas =
> as well.=20
> I was wondering if anyone on the list has noticed any differences with =
> the new gas -- in performance, gas mileage, etc.  Also, has anyone =
> gotten a fuel leak?
> I'm especially interested, because I have quite the fuel leak.  I =
> noticed it today on my way back from lunch.  Let's just say that I'm =
> really glad I don't smoke!  I can also attest to the fact that the new =
> gas smells quite a bit different than the old stuff.

So _that's_ that horrible smell.  I don't watch or read the news (I find 
I'm much happier not knowing) and I didn't know the gas had already changed.
I haven't noticed any difference in performance or gas mileage, but then I 
don't keep track of mileage.  However, I recently noticed that I now smell 
that ghastly gas smell whenever I'm around my car instead of just when I'm 
filling up so I probably do have a gas leak.  I'm going to be really annoyed 
if the state of CA has required me to use gas that has dissolved my original 
braided gas lines.  Also, I no longer get change back from a $20 bill when 
I fill up my car, so I'm paying more to have my car damaged.

> New gas, new fuel leak...coincidence?  I think not (but I don't want to =
> jump to conclusions.)
> Anyone else?

I'll be mucking about with cars this holiday weekend, so I'll see what I can 

> -- Melissa (gas is not getting to the carb., so I reckon I'll be walking =
> home tonight!)

Gad, I hope this stuff doesn't dissolve any part of SU fuel pumps.  Even if 
manufacturers come up with new parts that won't dissolve, it'll be a while
before parts stores have used up their old stock.

BTW, I may disappear suddenly in the near future (on or before June 28).  
The project I'm on is going away and I may be without an internet connection 
for a while.

Denise Thorpe

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