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RE:Road Trip You Say?

Subject: RE:Road Trip You Say?
From: Ted Weiler <>
Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 08:42:21 -0700
I am certain that our club could provide names for the Washington State area
(both sides of the mountains).  We have had club members designated for the
MGA, MGB T, etc. in the past.  If this really gets organized, let us know.
Although I am sure that there are plenty of places to put it, we could host
it on our page if needed.


At 10:25 AM 5/25/96 -0500, you wrote:
>At 04:10 PM 5/24/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>Mark - go for it.  I've fond memories of my trip, 2 years ago, from Kansas
>>to explore the East Coast in my 1970 Mk III.  I especially enjoyed travelling
>>the secondary roads.  In addition to the great suggestions Mike Burdick made,
>>consider tracking down the "roadside assistance" guide that the Vintage
>>Register put out about a year ago.  It's a listing of Triumph enthusiasts
>>the country that are willing to provide help, tools, and moral support, along
>>the way. (maybe this distribution list, or SOL, would be a good forum for
>>pulling together an even more comprehensive list?)
>>- Jim Brady
>>1960 TR3A
>>1973 Stag
>>and former sentimental 1970 Spitfire owner.
>>I just had the same idea. I have read somewhere ( in Moss Motoring, I
>think) about some clubs (Triumph, mostly) doing this sort of thing. I would
>like to be able to go on road trips in my 'B, but lack of confidence
>(availability of parts/expertise) kind of makes me leary. AAA and tool kit
>aside, it would be nice to know someone with LBC experience was somewhere in
>the area. I'm all for it, and, if there is any interest, I'll bring it up to
>my state club(s) and the LBC people in my area. Sign me up.
>'73 B Roadster "Shirley Valentine"
>Grand Rapids, Minnesota
>Member, Minnesota MG Group, Minneapolis Area
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