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Re: MGB windscreen wipers...

Subject: Re: MGB windscreen wipers...
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 10:23:51 +1000
At 03:07  28/5/96 -0800, you wrote:
>I recently stripped the exterior of my 77 B in preparation for getting it
>painted.  I noticed that two of the nuts that hold the chrome bezel around
>the windscreen wiper drive shafts (wheel boxes) were beat up so  I ordered
>new ones.  
>But whan I went to replace the nuts, I noticed that the threads were shot! 
>Moss, Vic Brit, etc. want $40+ each for the wheelboxes.  
>Has anyone solved this problem, e.g., can one put some new theads on the
>wheel box shaft and if so, where would one get a nut for it?  Any
>suggestions would be appreciated.

The problem is that the nuts are rubbish metal (there is a better adjective)
and have a very tenuous hold anyway and the boxes are not much better.
There is no way round it but to replace them although you might be able to
salvage the boxes by re threading them.  The nuts are a lost cause and need
not be replaced - but very carefully.  I believe there is about four removal
and replacement of the nuts before they are cactus!!

Graham McCann  Rivett, ACT. Australia
06 2889055

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