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Re: RE: MGs in the sun

Subject: Re: RE: MGs in the sun
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 30 May 96 12:10:21 PDT
Dave said:

> Why not have the best of both worlds? I put a sunroof on my "C"GT last year.
>  "Opened up" a whole new world for one of the warmer running GT's out there.

The best of both worlds is a B roadster for good weather and an 1100 for 
bad.  Better yet, three of each.

I agree with Ulix that rain is not a deterrent to driving with the top 
down.  As long as I'm going over 30mph in my B, I don't get wet no matter 
how hard it's raining.  But those stop lights are a killer.

Denise Thorpe

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