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Re: MG 1100

Subject: Re: MG 1100
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 96 11:26:49 PDT
Scott C. Williams asked: 

> Are there any MG 1100 owners on this list? I have an early 1963 example,
> that is awaiting a complete restoration, as well as two Austin Americas
> in various states of repair.

> I'm very interested in the BMC FWD cars, so let me know if you share my
> interests.

Dave( the matchmaker) said:

> Scott,

> Scott meet Denise, Denise say hello to Scott. OK, off you go.

Hello.  Since we've now been properly introduced, I can tell you that I 
own three MG 1100's--two '63's and a '65.  All of them ran and were 
registered a few years ago, but two of them are now sitting on flat tires.
There's this phantom organisation named SPAM that I may find time to tell 
you about although I haven't found the time to do anything about SPAM or 
even work on my 1100's.

Jack Baker said:

> I have a friend who made his 1100 into a flower pot. It looks nice in his
> back yard and the Morning Glory gives it a flow it failed to have previously.


Mike Maunders said:

> Hi from England

> I have a mark 2 MG1300 (1971)... just restored... virtually the
> only original part is the roof!!! However major body panels are
> very difficult to find on this side of the 'pond' - so how do
> you manage over there ???

> Not many 1100/1300 variants exist in the UK due to the severe
> 'rust worm' problems - inherrant with most BL cars!!!
> There can't be many left in the States either - can there ?

Tons and tons.  Even the ones I've seen in wrecking yards (breakers) 
are rust-free.  The only rusty one I've seen had rusted through 
floors from being left outside with no back window.  So does this 
mean that my 1100's are worth money over there?  I know people who 
ship cars to Europe.  If I bought up every 1100 in Southern 
California and shipped them over, could I make an obscene profit?  
Only the British and Japanese seem to have the taste and discernment 
to appreciate these fine cars.

> Have you heard of the '1100 Club' in the UK ? If not I'll send
> you details later.

Please do!  I had the address on a tiny post-it note, but have 
probably lost it by now.

Denise Thorpe, proud owner of three 1100's that were running last 
time I looked

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