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Re: FRAM PH43 oil filters

To: (Williams Scott)
Subject: Re: FRAM PH43 oil filters
From: (Jay Tilton)
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 1996 00:49:52 +0600
>A few years ago I stopped using the Fram PH43 filter in my 74 1/2 MGB
>because I had been experiencing oil drain back between car outings.
>When I removed the filter, a piece of
>the check valve was sticking out of the holes. I have seen this happen

Yes!  Some three oil changes ago I posted a note railing against the Fram
filters because of this very fault.

I'd been using the Fram filters ever since I got the car in 1985 (Gad!
Has it really been that long?).  They didn't used to have that problem,
since oil pressure built up immediately after starting.  A few years ago
I noticed this wasn't happening anymore, which my ignorance attributed
to some engine wear of unkown origin.  I foolishly kept using the Fram
filters until the oil change when I too noticed the diaphragm was poking
out of one of the holes.

I hacked apart the old filter (yay Dremel!) and found the check valve
diaphragm and its retaining pieces to be pretty damn flimsy.  Just a
paper-thin sheet of rubber held in place by an equally thin piece of
spring steel.

I've also gone to AC filters.  After changing out the first of them, I
hacked it apart too.  I found the design of the check valve mechanism to
be *much* more robust than the Fram.

I was advised by list members to try Wix filters, which I'm told
are NAPA's re-labelled house brand.
Jay Tilton  |

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