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Re: What have I got?

Subject: Re: What have I got?
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 96 14:29:56 PDT
>         I don't really know where this message belongs, or where I belong
> for that matter.
> I love my car, it is perfect, everything works.  She only has 24,435 miles
> on her.
> My car was in a garage for 20 years when I got it.   I registered her and
> put my 1996
> sticker on the plate over the 1976 sticker.   I can't seem to find anyone
> else with one.
>         Where do I belong?  What club can I join?  What happens if
> something should ever break on my car?  I don't know where to find parts.
> Only two registered here in California, and the other one is way up in San
> Francisco.   Anyone near San Diego like cars like mine?
> What is it? an Austin or Morris?  MG or Triumph?  What parts come from what
> cars?
> I'm afraid to drive, scared something will happen to my sweet Marina.
> Can anyone help?    E-Mail me
> Proud owner of an Immaculate 1974 Austin Marina GT!!!!!

You have the successor to the adorable MG 1100.  Do I really always mention 
1100's?  Your car is _almost_ as cute as mine, but yours has a much bigger 
engine.  In fact, it's an MGB engine.  Other than that, I don't know much 
about Marinas.  However, I knew some people in San Diego who bought one new 
in '74 and hated it.  When the brake master cylinder went out under warranty, 
they decided that the car was a flaming piece of junk and traded it in.  Is 
yours maroon?  Were the original owners named Cesena?  If you'd like, I can 
introduce you to these people.

Denise Thorpe in San Diego

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