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Subject: RE: ECURIE
From: "Unger, Larry @ MAN" <UNGERL@Reston.UnisysGSG.COM>
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 96 10:02:00 EDT
>>ECURIE ...  the word/term/acronym that is in the background
>>on the Special Tunning and Saftey Fast Rosette decals ...
>>what does it mean/stand for?
>The term is the french word for stable (as in "a horsey house").
... ahhh, that makes sense ... the Abington Special Tunning

>The stickers you refer to are probably a blue diagonal cross on
>a white field, the Cross of St. Andrew (the patron saint of Scotland)
>with the phrase Ecurie Ecosse attached.
... nope. A round decal with an appearance similar to that of an
award ribbion.  Check page 84 of the Moss or page 54 of the
Victoria British MGB Catalogs.

>I may be wrong but I believe the term translates to The Scottish
>Stable (Team Scotland). "Ecurie Ecosse" was a famous and
>successful racing team which campaigned C and D type Jags in
>the fifities (and probably a bunch of others).  I can find more history
>around here somewhere if you're interested.
... would be interested to know it they campaigned MGs.

Thanks for the education.

Larry Unger  

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