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Re: overheating (no fuel comments)

Subject: Re: overheating (no fuel comments)
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 96 11:35:40 PDT
Phil Bates asked:

> Even with all this, my water temp at 80 mph (speed=20
> limit is 75 here) is 200=B0F.  Other than changing the radiator core to a 4=
> =20
> row, does anyone have suggestions to cool this down?

The jury's still out on the four row radiator core.  After I decided to go 
for four rows, some people sent me some very persuasive arguments against 
it doing any good.  I won't have a verdict until the car it's going in has 
an engine.

But, I don't remember having heard any one say anything about the MGB water 
pumps with the plastic impellers.  These work great until the car has run 
hot once.  The plastic impellers warp and then the clearances are too great 
for the pump to develop enough pressure.  This won't cause the car to 
overheat, but it will always run hot.  Even if the owner has fixed the 
original overheating problem, they may not know it because the car now has 
an additional cooling problem.  Just thought I'd share that.

Denise Thorpe

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