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Daily Driver Questions

Subject: Daily Driver Questions
From: tom.wagner@Central.Sun.COM (Tom Wagner - Program Manager)
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 16:15:39 -0500
Maybe someone out there has thought about
this before, but I am a little bit on the skeptical
side and would like some information.

I have a 67 MGB that is almost ready to become a daily
driver, but I am skeptical, about putting it out on
the by ways and hiways of our state, for fear of a breakdwon
stranded in some of the more undesirable places in town(Houston).

I have experienced this already as I was driving my car
sometime ago and found it to start ok, but only to go about
2 blocks and the car die.  Would not start or anything.  
Found out that the points and condensor was shot, so after
retuning everything it started to work okay again.  This whole process
took several days to figure out.

So one of my questions is:

        How long should a set of points last in a car????

Also, any suggestions for making a car more reliable or any
PM's that can be performed so as to minimize the downtime that
a car would have.

As always all help is appreciated, as so far everyone that has
repsonded to my other emails has been right on with the answers.
Special thanks goes to Barney Gaylord, Roger Garnett,Jay Tilton, who have really
helped me out a bunch plus a bunch of others.


Tom Wagner
67 MGB

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