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shortened shift arms, four row cores, batteries, etc.

Subject: shortened shift arms, four row cores, batteries, etc.
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 96 14:38:19 PDT
Here's the upshot on some issues I've raised:

It turns out that the shift arm on a later _OD_ tranny can't be shortened 
so that it can be put in an earlier car.  It's only the non-overdrive 
trannies that can have this done.  The bulbous end of the shifter hangs 
off the end of the OD unit at the tailshaft and there's nowhere forward of 
there where the thing will fit.  Luckily, the sale of my early OD unit fell 
through and I have three early OD trannies for three '67 B's.  I'm still 
deciding if I want to modify the tunnel of one to accomodate the late OD 
tranny I have.

There's no data yet about four row radiator cores because the car for which 
it's destined still doesn't have an engine.  Another potential short block 
for the car is supposed to show up tomorrow night.  Interestingly enough, 
the unusable 18V short block I have has cutouts on the top of the block at 
the sides of the cylinders for valves.  Those must be some big honkin' 
valves in those heads.  If the cutouts are necessary, then the big valve 
head should only be used with an 18V block.

I actually did wander over to the two six-volt batteries to take their 
temperatures when I said I would, I just didn't tell anyone about it.  If 
you recall, one was sitting on concrete and the other was sitting on 
another battery.  No data will be forthcoming from those batteries because 
they're both stones.  The one sitting on concrete was more stonelike, but 
that doesn't mean much.  I suggest that the people who remove their car's 
internal organs, bathe it in WD-40, and store it in a hermetically sealed 
sarcophagus for the winter, store one battery on concrete and one in the 
car and see if the car starts after the Spring thaw.

None of my cars have gotten two speed wipers yet, even though I have a two 
speed motor and switch for each one, because I haven't had the time.  It  
takes so much less time to buy parts than to install them.  The car that's 
waiting for an engine doesn't currently have a wiper motor in it because I 
borrowed it for the purpose of swapping the two wiper arm onto the three 
wiper motor.  This turns out to be trickier than you'd think because the 
connection to the motor changed over the years.  So, since the car needs a 
wiper motor anyway, it'll get a two speed motor but it may never get a two 
speed switch and the necessary wiring.  I put a radio in my car about five 
years ago but have yet to install speakers.  But I did put in speaker wire 
about two years ago.

Any more old business?  New business?  Is there a motion to adjourn?

Denise Thorpe

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