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Free tire-balancing advice

Subject: Free tire-balancing advice
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 96 11:57:51 PDT
Dirk asked:

> Okay. Now we get to the good stuff. Thanks Denise.

You're quite welcome.

> One question though: do the weights go to the outside or inside, or 50%
> to both? All my wheels have their weights on the inside and this 
> seems odd.

Back when I worked on Porsche's, we put the weights on the inside for 
the sake of appearance, and this works, but most of the weight of the 
wheel is toward the outside, so this is really where the weights should 
go.  Besides, if you put them on the inside, you'd have to unmount the 
wheel every time you wanted to add or change one.  Another trick is to 
not bash the weight on all the way until you're sure it's the right one 
and in the right spot.

> Also, what is a good source for weights? J.C. Whitney carries them (I 
> think) but is there a better source?

I have no idea.  Like I said, I have the little old man do it and he's 
the one with the weight assortment.  However, if you have giant weights 
on your wheels right now, these can be cut down with a pair of dykes.

> This kind of project would be 
> great for our long, cold Canadian winter.

Before taking all the weights off your wheels, you can check the current 
balance of your wheels with this method.  As Wes pointed out, balancing 
the rears on the front is not exact unless the rotor happens to be well 
balanced.  I only suggested this in case you don't have access to any 
little old men with wire wheel hubs mounted to a bench.

Denise Thorpe

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