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Re: First problem

Subject: Re: First problem
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 14:03:14 -0400
In a message dated 96-06-25 12:30:55 EDT, you write:

>s I started to climb the hill to the airport, the car started losing power,
>the temp started back up and as I stepped on the brake pedal, it was hard
>not terribly efficient.  I again stopped, but when I tried to put on the
>emergency, I found that the handle had no resistance, but that the brake was
>already applied.  Brake was frozen and the car was going nowhere.

Wes--sounds to me like you're dragging a brake shoe, given the descri[tion
above.  Two things--If you're running the car, touch each wheel g-e-n-t-l-y
and determine which is the offending wheel.  This wheel will be hot so be
careful.  Then jack up the car and loosen the adjustor on the back of the of
the offending wheel.  That should free the brake up.  If the problem pesists,
you will have to bleed the brake lines, to get the air out of lines.  Make
sure you keep fluid levels in the reservoir up as you bleed the brakes or
you'll end up pumping air back in.  How did this air get in in the first
place?  You may have a problem with the brake cylinder or you may have a
problem with one of the individual wheel cylinders.  Also check the brake
lamp switch.  Hope this is helpful  John Trifari  1955 Healey BN1 (with
frozen brakes as described above on one trip; loosening adjuster fixed the
problem)/1980 MGB ( no brake problems and a tight top)    

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