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Subject: Re: More Indy Stuff
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 14:20:04 -0400
Just back from Indy great meet terrible but uneventful drive.

We left 9:30 PM Tuesday after my son's high school grad.  hate driving a T type 
at night, but the road and weather was clear. Arrived in Carlisle Pa. at 1:30 
a distance of 200 miles and crashed at the sight of a bed.

Up at 6:30 and on the road at 7. It was hot and 580 miles in a TF is too much 
for one day. I have a standard rear and cruse about 3800 rpm (55mph) I was 
forced to stay on I 70 as we had to make time to get there by Wed. night. I 
I had a dime for every truck that passed me going 80mph. I was even passed by a 
house. That"s humiliating!

We arrived about 8pm exhausted dirty sweaty and tired.

Thursday was great. M types. D type, N types, even an 1100 showroom new, too 
Denise wasn't there. 

What a great sight seeing MGBs parked around pre war classics like L types and 
types. The mixing of the owners  around such a vast assortment of cars was what 
the whole thing was about. Some B owners got there first view of early MGs and 
knowledge about the history of the marque. Each night everyone hung out in the 
parking lot till midnight socializing. Remember it is MG people that are the 
greatest. The cars bring us together.

The weather was hot, the track was great and the meet was a great success.
I leave it to others to give the details. There is already talk of doing 
in four years. John Twist is a Saint.

Coming home in two days was a lot easier. The TF ran hot (near 100C ) but kept 
on going. I envy B owners with overdrive. The B's must have arrived as a model 
to cherish, as many came on trailers. Odd  feeling chugging along in a TF and 
being passed by a trailered B. Ah Well enough for now, need some rest.

Mike Leckstein 

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