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re:Rust prevention

Subject: re:Rust prevention
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 96 12:03:54 PDT
Mike ( said:

> I've heard of people in rust-prone areas who take their old oil after an 
> oil change and "paint" it onto the bottom of their vehicle.  At least 
> that's what I've heard people on the Washington state coast do up in the NW 
> USA where vehicles will seem to melt from rust before your very eyes.

People in the southwest USA do this too and spray the used oil into the 
fenders.  I didn't and my '67 B needs doglegs _again_ after having it done 
16 years ago.  I've also been told that the seal around the crescent shaped 
panel inside the front fenders needs to be replaced regularly to keep dirt 
out of the fender.  My car came from Texas and I never thought it would 
rust through again in San Diego where it almost never rains and I almost 
never wash my car.  But when I replaced a fender, I found about two pounds 
of wet dirt at the bottom of it.  

Denise Thorpe

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