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Events in Denver?

Subject: Events in Denver?
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 96 23:48:52 PDT
Fellow MG'ers:

One morning, I saw a BRG Moggie drive past my godawful boring Toyota rental 
car on Colorado Blvd in Denver and I thought hey!--I could be doing MG 
stuff in the evenings in Denver instead of watching the Olympics on my 
hotel room TV.  So are there MG related events on weekday evenings in the 
vicinity of Denver?  I commute back to San Diego every weekend to work on 
the fleet (of MG's), but I could stay over a weekend if anything really cool 
was going on.  Is anything really cool going on?  Give me at least a week's 
lead time on events because I can only read e-mail on the weekends.

Denise Thorpe
One of these e-mail addresses is being forwarded to the other, but I'm not 
sure which is forwarded to which.  Both seem to work.

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