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Re: MGA problems

To: "SCHLINING.M.W-" <>,
Subject: Re: MGA problems
From: Kosten Metreweli/RSG/US <>
Date: 30 Jul 96 12:04:35
Thanks for the advice given. I disconnected the sender, and tested the fuel 
gauge as you suggested. It turns out that when the gauge is open-circuit, it 
reads full, and when grounded, it reads empty, so it was obviously the sender 
at fault. I've now got a new sender unit on order, so hopefully this will fix 

Thanks again for your help.


1) The fuel gauge is broken (as I discovered on the motorway yesturday) - 
flicks to full, when the key is turned, and stays there. 

Check the sender first.  With the key turned 'on' disconnect the single lead 
at the tank.  Does the gauge change?  Short the lead to the chassis ground.  
Does the guage change.  My MGB, and it should be true of the MGA, with a full 
tank, the sender will have almost zero resistance and the will read full.  
Grounding the lead to chassis will be the same as the sender registering a 
full tank. The 'open' circuit would be the same as an empty tank. If the guage 
behaves this way when you move the lead, you have a bad sending unit.  If it 
still registers full through the whole cycle of the above tests, you have a 
short in the lead between the sending unit and the gauge.  Since your gauge 
does move when you turn the key, the gauge is probably - note probably- OK.


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