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Re: Midget Wiper motor: 2speed ?

Subject: Re: Midget Wiper motor: 2speed ?
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 96 14:49:54 PDT
Eric asked:

> here's my next problem: my Midget has a wiper switch with
> 3 positions: Off-ON and ? I have no manual for the car 
> and the Haynes workshop manual doesn't mention a two speed
> wiper. So is it a two speed wiper and the high speed setting doesn't work
> in my car ?

I have a bumper sticker with the legend, "Three position Lucas switch" and 
a picture of a Lucas toggle switch with the three positions labelled Dim, 
Flicker, and Off.  This sticker is not on any of my bumpers because that's 
not how I feel about Lucas electricals, and besides, a B is too dignified 
for bumper stickers.  However, the running, registered, and insured 1100 
has a license plate frame that says, "My other car usually runs."  This is 
no more true than the license plate frames that say, "My other car is a 
Porsche."  Does that help?  Of course not.  If your car is a '68 or later, 
it should have a two position switch (two _on_ positions) and a two-speed 
wiper motor.  My first guess is that the switch is bad, second is that the 
wiring from switch to motor is bad, and third, that the park switch on the 
wiper motor is bad.  The park switch is available separately from Moss.

Denise Thorpe, three '67 MGB's, three two-speed wiper motors, three two 
position toggle switches, and no MGB's with two-speed wipers.

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