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X-post:Q valve spring rates

Subject: X-post:Q valve spring rates
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 96 08:31:02 -0400
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          Fellow scions and minions:
          I vaguely remember seeing a chart that listed valve spring
          rates by colour. It did not fall readily to hand. I checked 
          in ghod's book and couldn't find any reference.
          So, here's the deal: I wound up (pun intended) with two sets
          of valve springs. One is blue outer with white inner. The 
          other is orange outer with natural (unpainted) inner. Both
          sets came with a 1275s (12g940) head (with, not assembled 
          to.) So, how does one find the spring rates without a 
          cumbersome machine. Or, does anyone have a copy of a chart
          that lists valve spring rates by colour?
          The head is going to go on a 1275 which will go into me 
          bugeye. Eventually. The current project is to upgrade the
          brakes on the 850 mini. (thank you, Marcel.)

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