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A Solid Midget For Sale in PA (Cheap)

Subject: A Solid Midget For Sale in PA (Cheap)
From: "Glen R. Wilson" <>
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 1996 19:04:08 -0400
In addition to the nice green Midget mentioned elsewhere, I also have a
solid '66 Midget which is complete but needs restoration.  The car is
from California and is remarkably rust-free (not even the rear quarter
panels have any rust).

I have pictures you can view at:

These are pictures of the other 1966 Midget MK II which I'd like to get
a few hundred dollars for.  It is essentially rust-free.  There has been
no rot whatsoever with the exception of the rear part of the driver's
side floor which has been repaired with heavy gauge galvanized steel and
rivets and the leading edge of the hood which was a water trap and seems
to be always rusted in these cars.  The black coating is POR-15 which
has been there for years without any sign of deterioration.  The
A-pillar was hit at some point and covered with plastic filler.  I
removed the filler and put on a new A-pillar.  There was no corrosion in
the A-pillar despite the fact that this is a common rust area for
Midgets.  The interior of the A-pillar was painted with POR-15.  There's
a very thin coating of plastic filler below the A-pillar which can just
be seen in the picture below.  The fender is not aligned properly
because it is not bolted on; I painted the entire inner fender with
POR-15.  The car ran and drove when I brought the car home, but I pulled
the pedal assembly and master cylinder out to rebuild them and have not
started or driven the car in years.  The engine is free, and it should
be serviceable  although it smoked a little when it ran.  I have two
seats form a '66 Sprite, a new carpet set, and all of the parts to put
it back to original condition such as the top header rail and hardware,
all the stainless steel trim, and various other minor but hard to find

If you might be interested in this car, E-mail me at 

Glen R. Wilson  

1970 Rover 3500S        1967 MG 1100 Sedan  

1966 MG Midget (blue)   1966 MG Midget (green)

Southeastern Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

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