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Subject: MOWOG
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 07:44:29 -0800
MOrrisWOolsleyGarages is correct as far as I know.
I'm going to look it up in some of my history books.
I have MOWOG on at least 75 parts on my car.
I own a Morris Mini.  Okay lets see... let's follow the MG through history.
1896 Wolseley
1898 Riley
1912 Morris  (Morris Garages)
1923 Morris started the MG division
1938 MOWOG  (Morris Wolseley Garages) or Nuffield.   Which included all of the
     above Morris, MG, Wolseley, and Riley.
Meanwhile at other garages...
1905 Austin
1913 Vanden Plas
1946 Merge of Vanden Plas and Austin.
Still elsewhere...
1896 Lanchester
1896 Daimler
1931 Merge of Lanchester and Daimler, Lanchester name dropped in 1955.
1931 Jaguar
1960 Merge of Daimler and Jaguar.  Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself.
And again elsewhere...
1877 Starley and Sutton become Rover in 1904.
1904 Rover
1948 Land Rover
Still more elsewhere...
1896 Leyland   I'm not going to insert any remarks here:)
1903 Standard
1923 Triumph
1944 Triumph and Standard merge.
1961 Merge of Leyland, Triumph, and Standard.
1963 Standard dropped.  Begining of the Leyland Decisions?
1967 Rover-Land Rover join Leyland and Triumph.
Okay now back to my favorite part...
1952 BMC  Which brought together Austin-Vanden Plas, Morris, MG, Wolseley,
     and Riley.  Can I say that this is when the Best British cars started?
1952 Austin-Healey division later the same year as BMC.
1966 BMH who bring Daimler-Jaguar into the fold.
Okay here it comes, the end of an Empire...
1968 British Leyland.  This is now everything mentioned so far.
1969 Riley dropped
1971 Austin-Healey dropped
1975 Wolseley dropped  This is like the domino effect huh?
1980 Vanden Plas dropped
1984 Morris and Triumph dropped
1984 Daimler-Jaguar sold
1987 Austin dropped
1987 Leyland sold.  Again, I have no comment to insert here.
And then from the ashes...
The Rover Group which now belongs to BMW.
MG, Rover, and Land Rover.
There is more, this only scratches the surface of the British auto industry.
I just wanted to put it so you could see the time-line of it all...

   _________.        1962 Morris Mini Van
  /_____|____\___.   1974 Austin Marina GT
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     Chris Ward

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