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Re: nobody@nowhere.nil address explanation

To:, Joe Peck <>
Subject: Re: nobody@nowhere.nil address explanation
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 96 14:05:38 PST
     I did check Clausager's "Original MGB" last night, and I remembered 
     what he said correctly.  According to Clausager, all engines up until 
     August 1971 (1972 mddel year) were painted maroon.  After that, the 
     engine series changed to 18V and all the engines were painted black.
     With that said, I'd paint the engine whatever makes you happiest when 
     yoy look under the hood.  Even Clausager showcased an early B that had 
     the engine painted the same color as the car: bright shiny red!
     Good luck and Happy Motoring!
     Michael Lytton
     1970 MGB with a blue block and a black valve cover

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Subject: nobody@nowhere.nil address explanation
Author:  Joe Peck <> at Internet_Mail
Date:    9/9/96 3:41 PM
First off:
   I'm detailing my engine and wonder what color paint the 
   head on a late MGB (79 or 80) should be.  The block is 
   painted red, so I assumed the head originally was as well. 
   The remanufactured head I just bought is painted black.
   My local shop had a sample B engine mounted on a stand, and 
   the head on it is red.  Anybody know? 
Joe Peck
79 MGB
80 MGB

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