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RE:Wires: Chrome vs. Painted

Subject: RE:Wires: Chrome vs. Painted
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 12:01:37 -0400
>Here's the first of what I assume will be many questions about my new B.
>Since I will probably have to replace three wheels due to worn splines, now
>the time to think about chrome wires.  What are the pros and cons of chrome
>painted?  I would assume that chrome wires require a lot of care to keep


I have been reading alot of the ramblings about wire wheels lately wondering,
"What's so hard about maintaining wire wheels?"  
Then I realized maybe mine have been so trouble free BECAUSE they are chrome.

My painted wheels were bent, rusty and missing spokes, so I decided if I was
going to spend the money anyway, I might as well buy the chrome wheels.  That
was 10 years ago.  The car has been a daily driver off and on during those 10
years, and for 6 of them was garage kept, but it also has spent one year in
snow country stored outside, and driven in the snow.  It has been
autocrossed, it has been driven to and in Mexico, Portland Oregon, and points
inbetween.  I also have 50 series tires mounted on them, which I was told
could not be done, tires have been on for 3 years, no problems.  My secret?
 Eagle One chrome wheel cleaner.  I use it religiously everytime I wash my
car to prevent rust and protect the chrome.  I sound like an advertisement,
but the stuff is really easy to use.  During the rainy season, I have to use
a bottle brush between the spokes, but done regularly, that only adds about
30 minutes to the time it takes to do a carwash.

Would it be redundant to say:  Cast my vote for Chrome Wire Wheels!

David Riker

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