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Re: Tie rod Ends / 64 B / 2nd try

Subject: Re: Tie rod Ends / 64 B / 2nd try
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 96 12:42:59 PDT
Chris Reichle said:

> Your tie rod ends should be screwed on the same amount on either side to 
> keep the proper geometry in the suspension. The only reason that this would 
> not be the case is if the car had been in an accident which damaged the 
> suspension. On my car for instance, the brackets on the crossmember which 
> mount the rack had been bent over to the passenger's side. I always wondered 
> why it was hard to make u-turns. Anyway, after correcting these problems you 
> should adjust toe-in by moving both tie rods the same amount to preserve the 
> geometry. If your steering wheel is not straight, drive the car to 
> straighten the wheels then stop and remove the steering wheel, rotating it 
> to the correct position. Just to make sure everything is ok, you should have 
> an equal degree of rotation from center in either direction if everything is 
> correct.

Here, I can make this issue more complicated.  Isn't that the goal?  On 
the early cars, the thing that cancels the turn signals is mounted on the 
steering column, not the steering wheel.  This means that the steering 
column (and therefore the steering wheel if you want it to look right) needs  
to be in the correct position and the toe-in adjusted to make the wheels 
straight ahead without moving the steering column.  Otherwise, the 
cancelling nub will be in the wrong spot and will never cancel the turn 
signals.  The correct spot is 9 o'clock when sitting in the driver's seat.

Denise Thorpe, if I'm allowed back on the digest *sniff*

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