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Really old Britcars for sale

Subject: Really old Britcars for sale
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 96 09:28:28 PDT
At last weekend's San Diego British Car Day, I collected fliers for a couple
of very old British cars that are for sale.  Here are the facts:

1932 Wolsely Hornet Special
        Aluminum Jensen body
        6 cyl - 1278 cc 4 seat tourer
        Complete remanufacture
        Mineral Blue paint w/
        dark blue hides and Wilton carpet
        Price $27,500.00 OBO
        Contact: James Alcorn
        (619) 459-0805/Fax (619) 459-1350 USA

At least that's what the flier says.  You should see the picture of this 
car, it's gorgeous.  Jim Alcorn is a professional car restorer and he's 
known around San Diego as "Mr. Twin Cam" along with being "Mr. Meticulous."  
At the show, he had a '67 BGT that he'd restored and the car couldn't have 
looked that good when it was new.

1930 M-Type MG

Here's what the flier says:
Own the oldest MG in your club.  Drive a piece of MG history 
and rediscovery the thrill of motoring [Ed. note: and the thrill 
of mechanical brakes].  Same owner last 14 years.  Won trophies 
at 1982 San Diego British Car Day for "Oldest Vehicle" and 
"People's Choice - MG" (2nd Place).  1983 San Diego British Car 
Day "People's Choice - MG" (1st Place). [Ed. note: my award is 
much cooler]

This car was last advertised and sold as an "amateur restoration."  
It has a primrose body with black wings.  It is estimated that 
there may be as few as 20 of these in the U.S. (Chances are, no 
one on your block will have one.)

You may call Sharleene Pulver at (619) 278-5359 for an appointment 
to see the car.  Price $12,500.
end of flier

This car belongs to friends [Ed. note: that's why I can be rude] and I 
remember when they bought the thing.  

Speaking of friends selling things, Jim still has that late model OD B tranny 
for sale.  Call him at (619) 698-8225.

Denise Thorpe

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