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Dead battery, " It's alive!"

Subject: Dead battery, " It's alive!"
Date: p 30 Nov 96 21:25:32 PST
Well, I read all the books I have and found the answer in "MGB. Restoration/
Preparation/Maintenance" by Jim Tyler, (a book I'd recommend on everyone's wish 
list.)  According to Mr. Tyler "The dynamo fitted to earlier cars does not 
generate so much electricity as the later alternator, and if you are in the 
habit of driving with all the electrical accessories switched on simultaneously 
[like I did], the dynamo might not be able to keep pace with demand [which it 

So I had the battery charged and the generator checked.  Both are working fine. 
(At least according to Lucas.)  Next time I'm stuck in traffic that long, I'll 
have to rough it. And when the generator finally gives up the ghost, I probably 
(gasp) switch to an alternator and go negative ground. 

In the meantime, I'm also looking into those trickle chargers. Can I then get a 
tax rebate for driving an electric car? <wink>

'67 roadster
Fingers, but hopefully not wires, crossed
... I had the same problem last week - and numerous denizens on the list
suggested possible causes - the concensus was battery rather than alternator
- everything from bad connections to lack of electrolyte...

mike robson
69 roadster (first step body prep this weekend!)
72 roadster
73 BGT

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