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Re: car of the century

To: Lane Rollins <>
Subject: Re: car of the century
From: Bill Harkins <>
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 18:34:22 -0800
At 05:16 PM 11/30/96 -0800, you wrote:
>>Is it likely that any  MG model will be included in the list of nominations
>>for The Car of the Century which is to be announced at the end of 1999
>>after votes are taken from a panel of 100 international motoring
>Some of the pre-war racing MG's come to mind. Like the K3 or the record 
>setting C type.

This is an interesting topic, but I'm hard pressed to think that an MG
would be in contention for the car of the CENTURY! I appreciate the MG
bias, but if you think of all the great classics, the automobile technology
of the past few decades, and the power of the biggies in the worldwide
industry.... an MG as a CotC?

I'll sure be following what gets the nod. Is there a web page on this - it
would make a good one!

Bill Harkins
Fallbrook, CA

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