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Subject: Re: HOT MGB GTs
From: Shel Bercovich <>
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 08:24:56 -0700
You wanna talk hot? Back in '82 I was running my '74 B-GT down I-5 from
San Francisco to L.A. during mid-July. It was so hot that we ran with
all the windows open and the wing vents swung around 135 deg to blast
some air into the car; so hot that when we stopped for a drink just
before going over the Grapevine, the crepe soled heel on my right shoe
had melted and stuck to the rubber floor mat. Had to pull with both
hands to get my shoe off the floor. Thought for awhile I'd have to
unlace the shoe and just leave it there till the trip ended. ;-)

Jack Feldman wrote:
> Just a comment on how hot the GTs get. Someone remarked about the
> head last summer in INDY. I was stuck in traffic going to the track,
> and the heat in the car wasn't that bad. I thought the GT would be
> uncomfortable in the Chicagoland heat, but it hasn't been.
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