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Oil Pressure problem

Subject: Oil Pressure problem
From: (Phil Bates)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 21:46:34 -0700
I have a strange oil pressure problem in my mga (which has a 3 main MGB=20
engine in it). =20

Sorry jag-lovers, this is not a jag topic specifically, but may be of=20
general interest.

Anyhow, the problem.  When I start up the car, I have plenty of oil=20
pressure.  When it is warm (thermostat reading 185=B0F) I have enough (about=
40 psi).  Now if it is cold, and I rev the engine, the pressure goes up and=
stays around 65-70 psi.  I attribute this to the cold oil.  When it is warm,=
something weird happens.  First, the pressure goes up to the 65-70 psi=20
range, and as the engine speed increases it comes way down, like to 20 psi=
or so.  I think it must be one of 4 things:

1.  bad oil pump i.e. excessive clearances or something stuck in the pick-up=
2.  bad oil pressure relief valve (or something stuck in it)
3.  bad bearings
4.  Something I don't know about

I'd say bad bearings, but wouldn't the pressure always be low??
Also, someone had suggested it could be the relief valve on my oil filter=20
(yes, the PO did a spin-on conversion), but I just put on a new Wix 51516,=
and I doubt this is the problem.

I can do a rebuild myself, so I am not afraid of getting my crank ground,=20
and replacing bearings, but I will avoid it if I can. =20

Any suggestions??

Phil Bates
58 MGA
67 MGB
75 Jaguar XJ12C
52 MG TD replicar (VW)

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