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Re: MGs and Porsches

To: "Kai Radicke" <>
Subject: Re: MGs and Porsches
From: The Richards <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 15:05:28 -0500
Kai, Kai, Kai,

First that whole Triumph thing, and now Porsches, and not even a PROPER
Porsche! Really 944s and 928s are nice cars -- though IMHO, like most
moderns, lacking real personality. But so far as reliability, don't be so
sure! They may be more reliable than old Brit iron, but just. And when
something does go = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. A couple weeks back I was making a
nuisance of myself on the roads with my Interceptor and saw a 928 on the
side of the road with hood up, owner assuming the position. I gave him a
ride to service station -- he had a list of 'my car let me down' stories
concerning the 928. Heck, the Jensen doesn't even have that long a list, and
(knock on wood) it's never left me on the side of the road! Just last week,
I was filling the Interceptor up with gasoline (frequent occurance, to be
sure) and a 944 wheeled into the station, powersteering pump squealing with
each hard turn of the wheel -- poor fellow had a hard time maintaining his
I'M SO COOL image with all that racket!
 Be warned.

Michael, New Bern, NC
P.S. Oh yes, we know full well that you, young devil, must purposedly pick
topics designed to raise a firestorm. I think you're some sort of
At 06:36 PM 12/2/96 -0500, you wrote:

>I too am thinking about buying a 944, 928, or cheap 911.  I think it would
>be a better car to drive to school everyday that my MGB which may not be
>finished in 3 years.  I also think some people may like it a little better.
>Kai M. Radicke --
>1966 MGB --

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