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MG's and Porches (er Porsches, or whatever)

Subject: MG's and Porches (er Porsches, or whatever)
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 18:26:45 -0500
 For some reason I wasn't shocked by the lady who confessed to a liking for
"that German Car".  Deviant behavoir is no longer alarming. 
  What did alarm me was someone felt it behooved him(her?) to defend or at
least explain why the P*****e was some how superior to our LBC in ride,
comfort, speed, handling, and cost. 
  If I want any of the above (except possibly Handling) I'll take my wife's
Honda. But I won't (besides the fact she won't let me drive it!) is that I
much prefer a car with Soul.
  Look around on the list and see how many owners have names for their cars.
They have personalities, something that has been bred out of the vast
majority of cars in the world today, especially those from acrose the Rhine.
  And as far as some of the Yuppies who own both, well, whatever. Like they
said on "Laugh-in" a bunch of years ago "Different Strokes for Different
  As for me, when you tell me how great the P******e is, my only reply is
 "There must be some mistake, I believe you have me confused with somebody
who gives a S**t"
Flame Mode Off

Rick "not ment to be offensive, but sometime am" Morrison

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