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MG's vs Poor-Shees

To: MG List <>
Subject: MG's vs Poor-Shees
From: Tony Godfrey <73532.746@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 04 Dec 96 17:12:23 EST

  You know....I like really like the MG/Triumph thing. I've had my '68 B for
seven years.
 I owned a Spit1500 for 1-1/2 years, and had the '7 for quite a few months
before loosing
 it to the Ex-Wife-Person. I also had a chance to buy a 944 about seven years
ago. It
 was either get married or buy a Poor-chee....I'm still not sure which one would
 been more expensive....the "settlement with the Ex" or the Poor-chee repair

  I still have the 'B (with the bad fuel pump) and now the
 to-Be-an-Ex-and-take-all-The-Money" says why do I like the British-thing when a
 Porsche would be more practical? My response is I enjoy the car for what it is
 the heritage behind it! It has nothing power, no a/c, no doo-dads....just a
4speed and
 a stering wheel, that's it. I just love this car, Man!

  AND the other reason....I was on my way back from PA a couple of years ago and
 stopped in a Shell station in the 'B. I guy pulled in after me in a 944Turbo
and told me to 
 never get rid of the 'B. He said it was the saddist day of his life to actually
give up
 the "fun car". I never seem to forget this when the "irk" happens to want
 else. I'd still like to have something 'A....or a Europa....or a
Vixen....even a Mini!

  - Getting off the Soapbox now. Kai....just say "No!"

  - Tony

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