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Damn Volvos again... but what about LBC?

Subject: Damn Volvos again... but what about LBC?
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 19:28:35 -0500
>>  The 240 wagon has the lowest per capita fatality rate of any passenger
>>  car.  The 240 sedan has the second-lowest.  I don't have stats on newer
>>  models, but they certainly are NOT "awful".
> I think this may have as much to do with who buys a Volvo.

  Agreed. I'm sure people who buy early 1900's steam driven
cars also have a low per capita fatality rate. Looks good in
the advertising, if you don't mention that these people only
drive 2 miles a year.

  More useful IMHO are the Consumer Reports-style
figures, which basically say "Of all the people who are in
an accident with car XYZ, how protected were the

  Anybody ever see the equivalent stats for LBCs? Consumer
Reports and Lemon Aid only cover recent-vintage used cars. Just
how dead am I when I hit a large poodle at 120km/h in my
Midget? Assuming my glorious rubber bumpers don't defect
it away into the grille of some poor sob in a chrome lipper?

        Trevor Boicey          1992 Celica GT    1975 MG Midget           <== Note new email address...

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