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RE: Crank pulley

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Subject: RE: Crank pulley
From: George Merryweather <>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 07:11:49 -0600
A word of Caution!

If you do change the front cover, which is highly recommended, (by me, =
anyhow), make sure you change the oil slinger from the 'A' style to the =
'B' style.  The 'B' one has a much lower profile which allows it to fit =
behind the thicker rubber seal housing.  (JIC, the slinger is the large, =
nearly flat washer that fits over the end of the crankshaft, just prior =
to putting on the cover.)

The crank pulleys have been known to 'de-rivetize'.  But new ones are =
available. (Moss $51.88).  Used ones are fairly plentiful as well.  I'd =
go back with the original type.

George Merryweather

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Subject:        Re: Crank pulley

In a message dated 96-12-04 13:27:12 EST,

<< My crankshaft pully disintegrated yesterday.  Two people I talked to =
night suggest replacing it with a balancer pully from a B and say it =
will run
smoother and let me use a B front seal (and B timing cover).  Good idea? =
it would be better on my bearings I'd be willing to do it.  Would this =
considered stock and/or will my A now be a "bastard". >>

Verrrrrry interesting!

For starters, it's not necessary to change the pulley to use a B timing =
and seal.  I've had a B timing cover and seal on my MGA 1500 engine for
years.  The timing cover from th 18G through 18GF engines is the same =
number as the timing cover for the MGA MK-II 1622 engine, rubber oil =
seal and
all.  And all MGA engines used the same crank pulley, so the early B =
fits right up, same as on the 1622 engine.

I wouldn't call it a bastard.  I wouldn't even call the MGA 1800s that.  =
is however the responsibility of the owner to keep detailed accounts of =
such non-standard equipment changes so that future parts procurement and
servicing is not a problem.  It is also the duty of the owner to pass on =
such information to the next owner so that the current owner can =
become the PO and not the DPO.

I've been hearing about so many minor modifications to MGAs recently =
that I'm
led to believe that the majority of them have probably been modified to =
extent by now.  It's likely that the few left that are totally original =
be the strange ones.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA

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