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Dan Hughes, you rotten skunk...

Subject: Dan Hughes, you rotten skunk...
From: "W. R. Gibbons" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 18:41:54 -0500 (EST)
Is it happening to everyone else?  One Dan Hughes has set up an automatic 
reply, saying he is gone until Dec. 11.  Of course, it goes out in 
response to every list mailing, and they come back to him, and he sends 
out a reply, and so it goes...

I am getting endless messages from him regarding every message sent to
mgs...  Can he be shut off? 

   Ray Gibbons  Dept. of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
                Univ. of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, VT
        (802) 656-8910

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