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Re: What gives With Dan -- The Answer!

Subject: Re: What gives With Dan -- The Answer!
From: (Keith Langan)
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 21:15:54 -0800
>Make that more like 200 and still coming

I think I see whats up.  Dan has gone off on vacation at work.  He uses his
work address on the list.  His work system has a facility that
automatically generates a reply every time he gets a message which send s a
message saying he's out (in thi case until 12/11!).

Soooo, the the list mail goes to Dan, his system responds to the list, the
list sends that response to Dan, and it starts all over again!

I think the only solution is to unsubcribe Dan from the list and send him a
message telling him to resubscribe when he gets back, and to NEVER, NEVER,
forget to unsubscribe again when he goes on vacation!  How do we get this

Keith E. Langan
1947 MGTC
1971 MGB

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