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dan the man

Subject: dan the man
From: Westley Johnson <>
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 21:26:11 +0000
oh boy thursday evening i think i will check my e-mail
hmmmm. 270 postings 
well i guess i'll get a beer while they download
hmmmm well maybe one more
oh look seinfield is on
hmmmm still downloading....maybe someone wants to buy my benelli
may as well have another beer
JESUS freaking ch***T where are all these messages coming from
well they had better be good
maybe i missed some news today that MG is going to ship cars to the US 
yeah and as a promotion they are going to give a new MG to anybody that 
can prove that they have had an MG for more than 10 years yeah and that 
is what i missed yeah geee i sure would like a green one wow
this is cool 
ok i get the idea dec.11th
ok ok i get it, stop i need to see where to get my new MG
thanks dan because of you my dream of getting a new MG are crushed
well i guess i'll get another beer
mental note harass dan hughes.......forever

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