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timing marks on '73 / static timing procedure

Subject: timing marks on '73 / static timing procedure
From: Rich Mason <>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 11:39:53 -0500
While I search for a new manual (obligatory comment for A.B.) because the
Haynes manual is lacking in so many ways it is becoming frustrating, I will
again pose a question to the wealth of expertise on this list.  I guess a
Bentley Manual is on my Christmas List now :)

I'm trying to set up timing on my car, and the timing pointer does not
resemble the one in the manual.  The Haynes manual shows a large pointer
(TDC) and two smaller ones, each representing 5 degrees.  I see five marks,
all the same size.  There may have been a sixth pointer (or maybe it's just
dirt!)  It would appear that they are still 5 degree increments, but which
one is TDC???  If nothng else - I can find TDC by pulling the valve cover
and following the procedure from one of John Twist's tech articles.

I remember reading a procedure for setting static timing - but don't recall
where.  Is this documented somewhere online?  As I recall it involved
setting the crankshaft to 6? degrees BTDC (with distributor pointing to #1
plug) and rotating the distributor body until the points just open.  I think
a test light was connected to indicate this proper position.  Any help would
be greatly appreciated.


Rich Mason
1973 MGB

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