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Subject: Compressors
From: Dave Houser <>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 23:25:46 +0000
OMIGOD! 499 messages in one day. Who was David fighting with and what 
did I miss? Just kidding.
Saw what the actual problem was and figure it was an unfortunate 
accident. I think we all agreed. 
Now, to continue, there was a compressor thread someone started a day 
or two ago. I'd like to add my .02 to this.
Sears has 2 5-HP compressors for sale at $299 each; a 25-gallon and a 
20-gallon storage tank, same compressor on each, a 130 
max.PSI-9.1SCFM@40, 7.1SCFM@90. The 20 gallon is a neat upright 
design. With my Sears Craftsman discount of 12%, that's a pretty nifty 
final price of only $263 plus tax.
Here's the question and my confusion.
I now have a Sears 2-HP 20 gallon Horizontal tank with a 150max. PSI, 
running 7.8SCFM@40 and 6.3SCFM@90.
I use the compressor in a tabletop blast cabinet, fill my tires, blast 
parts outside,paint MGs,etc. 
Which of the two should I buy and what difference will I see in how I 
use it? The specs don't look that much more powerful to me based on 
the SCFM or am I missing something here? That's the confusion, I'm 
Anyone out there compressor knowledgeable?

Thanks and this better not repeat,
Dave Houser

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